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Day 1 20th August All 6 fly to Delhi at various times.
Day 2 21st August Public holiday in Delhi, nothing can be done.
Day 3 22nd August Day spent waiting at the IMF.
Day 4 23rd August Sunday, another public holiday.
Day 5 24th August Air freight cleared, IMF formalities completed.
Day 6 25th August Drive to Uttar Kashi buying supplies en route.
Day 7 26th August Shopping and organising porters.
Day 8 27th August Travel to Gangotri by jeep, foot and bus.
Day 9 28th August Walk to Kedar Kharak.
Day 10 29th August Walk to Kedarganda Kharak.
Day 11 30th August Walk to Kedar Tal and base-camp established. L.O. left behind ill.
Day 12 31st August Organising food and base-camp.
Day 13 1st September LO walks to BC. JM ill, preliminary reconnaissance of Manda III postponed
Day 14 2nd September AM, CA and JC walk to Jogin I ABC.
Day 15 3rd September Bad weather. JM and WO join others at ABC. RV ill.
Day 16 4th September Attempt on icefall right of rock. WO, CA and AM return to BC.
Day 17 5th September JM and JC attempt crevassed ramp left of rock buttress.
Day 18 6th September Rest day. Mick and George arrive at base-camp.
Day 19 7th September Rest day. Preparations made for Manda III.
Day 20 8th September JM, JC and AM walk to Manda III ABC.
Day 21 9th September Attempt repulsed by dangerous avalanche conditions. Return to BC.
Day 22 10th September Rest day.
Day 23 11th September JM, RV, AM, JC and WO set of for Jogin I and III. RV turns back ill.
Day 24 12th September WO is ill and heavy snowfall in tent force a rest day at camp I.
Day 25 13th September Pitch camp just below summit of Jogin III after JM buried in avalanche
Day 26 14th September Zero visibility. Stuck in tent. Snow falls continually.
Day 27 15th September Brief break in cloud allows descent to BC.
Day 28 16th September Rest day.
Day 29 17th September AM, CA and WO leave for Delhi. JC and RV collect kit from Manda III.
Day 30 18th September JM, George and Mick climb 'Peak 6050' and bivouac below summit.
Day 31 19th September Porters arrive at BC.
Day 32 20th September JM, George and Mick descend to BC.
Day 33 21st September Descend to Gangotri and take bus to Uttar Kashi.
Day 34 22nd September Repacking kit and sorting out Mount Support.
Day 35 23rd September Travel to Rishikesh.
Day 36 24th September Travel to Delhi and rejoin AM, CA and WO who fly home.
Day 37 25th September Organise airfreight home and change plane tickets.
Day 38 26th September Deal with IMF and have celebratory meal with Mick and George.
    Arrive back in England.
JM Jim McElwaine  
JC John Carey  
RV Richard Viney  
AM Tony Moody  
CA Clare Ashton  
WO William Osborn  

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Jim McElwaine