Image Processing for Granular Flows

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I have developed an algorithm and software for processing images from granular flows and avalanches. This paper describes how the algorithm works The software processing is mostly done in MATLAB with some function also written in c. I am happy to give the software to anyone who is interested. Please contact me.

Chute Experiments at SLF, Davos, Switzerland

These experiments were carried out with snow and polystyrene balls.

the results

Miyanomori Ping-Pong Ball Avalanches

The results of processing videos from the Miyanomori ping-pong ball avalanche experiments can be seen here


Ryggfonn is an avalanche test site in Norway operated by NGI ( Norwegian Geotechnical Institute). They have very kindly made some avalanche footage available. The strong shadows, low contrast, lack of colour and noise in this video make it a difficult task to locate the front. Never the less the algorithm works well.

The original video

The blue line marks the calculated front


This video of an avalanche from the French test site in Col du Lautaret was very kindly made available by Mohammed Naim of ETNA . The analysis of this avalanche is still being worked on. There are problems with compression artifacts and the small size of the picture also reduces quality.

The original video

The blue line marks the calculated front

Jim McElwaine
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