Skiing Mount Yotei

From late December to late April. Best conditions in February and March. Upper slopes are open and usually hard packed by wind. Lower slopes are heavily forested and often contain powder. Two hours drive from Sapporo. Ascent 1500m takes around 5 hours in average snow conditions. Descent takes 1 hour on skis or 30 minutes on snowboard. Maximum angle 30 degrees. Danger minimal. Avalanche hazard. yotei3_small.jpg

The 2000 International Yotei Assault Team.

Japan: Ooizumi-san (front), Shiro Miwa (back left) and Yukie Miwa (middle left)
Canada: Gerhard (middle right)
New Zealand: Melinda Alan (middle back)
Great Britain: Jim McElwaine (back right)

Leaving the car park.

Looking down to the snow covered fields.

Skinning up near the summit.

View from the summit.

Melinda topping out.

Ooizumi-san, Melinda and Gerhard on the summit. It was minus 15 with wind so we didn't stay long.

Jim, Melinda and Gerhard.

Jim McElwaine
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