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Washboard Road

Washboarding is the name of the process which results in unmetalled (unpaved) roads developing a series of regular bumps with short spacing in the road surface. The result is called a washboard road, for its resemblance to the surface of an old-style washboard, or a corrugated road. I've worked on this problem with collaborators for several years. Here are some of our results.

Snow Avalanches

Avalanche research



Saltation research

Ping-Pong Avalanches

In the late from 1996 to 2011 I worked in Japan at the Institute for Low Temperature Science at the University of Hokkaido with Kouichi Nishimura. On of the projects I worked on was the Miyanomori Ping-Pong Ball Avalanches. These experiments took place over several years and involved dropping up to 650,000 ping-pong balls down a ski jump.
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