This software is Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 by Jim McElwaine. All software is release under the Gnu Public License. Any bug reports or requests for extensions gratefully received.

Video Analysis of Flows

Matlab and C software suite for analysing video images. The software has been successfully used on ping-pong ball avalanches, snow avalanches and laboratory experiments. It is designed for fixed cameras and assumes that the flow only arrives at each point once. It is based on a temporal change-point method that generated the first arrival times of the front so that the level sets are the flow contours. The package includes software for camera calibration and conversion to world coordinates on geometric surfaces and digital terrain models.

Calculation of Velocity from Time Lag

A package of Matlab functions for calculating velocities from the time lag between sensors. These are usually opto-electronic. Standard techniques are included such as fixed windows as well as continuous lag calculation and matched filtering. Error estimated can be calculated as well as 2d vector velocities.

Matlab functions

Released under the GNU General Public license

MPI Fortran 90 Interface

An overloaded interface for Fortran 90 and MPI. It defined the same derived types as for the MPICH implementation, includes automatic generation of MPI derived type definitions and overloads all MPI functions. description and the f90_mpi_lib.tgz

Fortran 90 Library

A collection of Fortran 90 files for physics calculations. The largest part is a collection of modules for overloading vector function so that the same program could be run in two- or three-dimensions without change and without loss of efficiency. Derived types are declared for vectors, matrices, and angular velocity vectors. The usual function of vector arithmetic are provided. Other modules are a collection of different random number generators and an input scheme for selecting between them from name-list input files. There are also modules for allowing the convenient definition of mathematical function within name-lists, dealing with times and dates, and standard input/output operations. f90_lib.tgz.


A program for calculating saltation trajectories saltare.tgz.


A parallel discrete element method simulation program in two- or three- dimensions dem.tgz.
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