Fundoshi '98 in Sapporo

Last year we had one neophyte go nuts trying to get us away from the sclupture of Osaka castle. This time we had about 5 guys telling us no no. They were much calmer though. I think they knew about us. There is a small guardman's room right by the castle sculpture every year. They did their duty trying to shoo us away but we just ran around them and got up on the platform one way or another. And we got a couple of decent shots unlike last year. As was seen in the last shot.

For the first shot we have the classic blue uniformed guard racing after the classic red fundoshi clad foreigner, crazy-person, drunk (place your own pejorative here). nothing
That doesn't stop us from reaching our goal. We climb right on up and take pictures while the guards tell us to get off. But like I wrote above they were much more civilized this year. Maybe they felt more confident because of their numbers. I really do think they were waiting for us. I would love to sit in on one of the many conversations among the guards that must have taken place over the years about the fundoshi fools.

But these guys were ok. They're only human you know. One minute they're telling us to get down. And the next...


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Last Modified May 20, 1998

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