Interests 趣味

Mountain Skiing 山スキー

ski pic
Japan is very good for mountain skiing and Hokkaido has great snow
Mount Fuji 富士山
Mount Yotei 羊てい山 aka Ezo Fuji、蝦夷富士
Mount Yoichi 余市岳
My first mountain skiing was on the Haute Route in France with Arthur Mountain

River climbing 沢登り

A popular sport in Japan is river climbing, which is as dangerous as it sounds. After my first big trip in 1998 most of us ended up in hospital for checks, and as these rather morbid x-rays show, 1, 2, 3 and 4, I broke my right hand.

Climbing and Mountaineering 山登りと岩登り

climbing pic Bonatti Pillar

I've done a lot of climbing in Britain and the Alps and a little in the Indian Himalayas and in Japan. I prefer Alpine climbing but I also enjoy rock climbing and ice-fall climbing which I'm hoping to practice in Hokkaido this winter.

A few years ago I went climbing in the Garwhal Himalaya. We were hoping to climb Manda III, a 6529m mountain which was at that time unclimbed. Unfortunately the monsoon was late that year and it snowed most of the time we were there.The expedition report includes some pictures and might be useful if you're planning an expedition. There are lots of lists of what we took and what we wished we taken. While I was there I met George Mallory and we climbed "peak 6014". You can also read about his recent ascent of Everest .

Most of my Alpine climbing has been in the Mont Blanc Massif and I'd be happy to supply beta for any of the routes I've done, some of which are the following: Bonatti Pillar, Frendo Spur, Brenva Spur, Gervasutti Couloir, Chere Couloir, Rebuffatt and the North Face of the Col du Plan.

Cambridge is not the best place for a climber as it's so flat, but there are possibilities. Many of the buildings are stone with decorative features ideal for climbing and though very dangerous and probably illegal there is a long tradition and no fewer than three published guide books "The Cambridge Night Climbers Guide", "Roof Climbing in Trinity" and "Roof Climbing in Johns" - available in the UL and some college libraries. Stone buildings are much rarer in Japan but cold winters make for other interesting possibilities .

私はアルプスでと英国で何度も登ったことがあるそして日本でとインド のヒマラヤで少し登りました岩登りが好きいですけれども山登りのほうが好 きです。特に一番好好きなのは氷登りです。今年の冬に北海道でたくさん氷 登りしたいと思っています。

五年前にガーワールヒマラヤ (Garwhal Himalaya) へ行きました。あそ こでManda III(6529m)といてその時に登られたことがない山を登って みました。天気は本当に悪くてほとんど毎日雪が降ったから私たちは登れま せんでした。 探検報 に写真や話しや品目の持って行った物と持って行くのを願った物 があ ります。ヒマラヤで滞在の時George Mallory という人と会って "peak 6014"という山を登りました。 彼は最近Mount Everest を 登りました。ここにあれについて読めます。

私は Bonatti PillarやFrendo SpurやBrenva Spur, Gervasutti CouloirやChere CouloirやRebuffattやthe North Face of the Col du Planなどを登りました.この登りについて情報を受渡せます.


parachuting pic Ipswich at 4,500'

Couple of years ago I did some parachuting and this is a picture of my first free fall jump (jump number 7).

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