Publications on The Miyanomori Ping-Pong Ball Experiments


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北大低温科学研究所修士論文, 2001.
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J. N. McElwaine and K. Nishimura.
Ping-pong ball avalanche experiments.
Ann. Glaciol., 2000.
in press.

K. Nishimura, S. Keller, J. McElwaine, and Y. Nohguchi.
Ping-pong ball avalanche at a ski jump.
Granular Matter, 1(2):51--56, 1998.

J. N. McElwaine and K. Nishimura.
Ping-pong ball avalanche experiments.
Sedimentology, 2000.
in press.
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J N McElwaine and K Nishimura.
Size segregation in snow avalanches: Observations and experiments.
In Proceedings of the IUTAM symposium on Segregation in Granular Flows, New Jersey, 1999, 2000.
in press.
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J. McElwaine.
Numerical simulation of ping-pong ball flows.
In K. Nishimura, editor, スキージャンプ台実験と3次元粒子流モデル開発による雪崩 流動 機構の解明, pages 33--45. Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University, 1999.
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小杉健二, 阿部修, 佐藤罵詞, 納口恭明, 山田, 西村浩一, 伊藤陽一, J. McElwaine, and 和泉薫.
1999年度日本雪氷学会全国大会講演予稿集, 148, 1999.

K. Nishimura, Y. Ito, , S. Keller, J. McElwaine, Y. Nohguchi, K. Izumi, and K. Kawada.
Snow avalanche dynamics: Observations and experiments.
In Erik Hestnes, editor, 25 Years of Snow Avalanche Research, Voss 12--16 May, number 203 in Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Publication, pages 192--198, Oslo, 1998. Norwegian Geotechnical Institute.

西村浩一, J. McElwaine, 和泉薫, and 納口恭明.
1998年度日本雪氷学会全国大会講演予稿集, 147, 1998.

八久保晶弘, 山田高嗣, James McElwaine, 菅野真 人, 西村浩一, 新田隆三, 原田裕介, 和泉薫, 永崎智晴, 川田邦夫, and 納口恭明.
北海道の雪氷, 17:50--53, 1998.

西村浩一, 新田隆三, James McElwaine, and 原田裕介.
25 years of snow avalanche research at ngi anniversary conferenceに参加して.
雪氷, 60(5):389--393, 1998.

納口恭明, 和泉 薫, 伊藤陽一, S. Keller, J. McElwaine, and 西村浩一.
日本砂防学会予稿集, 1998.

S. Keller, Y. Ito, K. Nishimura.
Measurements of the velocity distribution in ping-pong ball avalanches
Ann. Glaciol., 26:259--264, 1998.
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S. Keller, Y. Ito, K. Nishimura.
Evaluation of velocity measurements with a video camera
unpublished. 1996
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